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Clearance Items On Sale

60cm/600mm Electric Wall 5 Function Oven-Fan-Forced Grill S/S MODEL: E562505-H1H1K

60cm/600mm Electric Wall 5 Function Oven-Fan-Forced Grill S/S MODEL: E562505-H1H1K. It’s an electric oven that has 5 shelf layers and a 56 L capacity, an electronic clock, a cavity cooling system, a mechanical thermostat, and a cool touch double glazed oven door. Its multifunction oven includes top light, half grill, half grill and fan, fan and fan heat supplied accessories like 1 backing tray, 1 shelf, and 2 side racks.

EU-218FS 218LT. Refrigerator Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel

EU-218FS 218LT. Refrigerator FRIDGE FREEZER Stainless Steel. it has a height of 1430mm, a width of 540.5mm, and a depth of 570mm. The freezer volume is 40L while the Fridge volume is 178L. It has a reversible door fridge with multi-flow cooling and easy-to-clean steel. it also has an easy slide-out door with tempered glass shelves.

Gamko FS/1300AU Refrigerator Commerical Fridge

Gamko FS/1300AU Refrigerator COMMERCIAL FRIDGE. it has 8 shelves with a capacity of 1300 liters. its voltage is 230V, 50Hz and power are 550W. its temperature range is +2 up to +8 and has a coolant of R134a.

Radiant Washing Powder Commercial Blend 12 kg

Radiant Washing Powder Commercial Blend 12 kg. Radiant Commercial Blend concentrate cleans brilliantly and is formulated to effectively remove stains and whiten whites with every wash. The active granule attacks stains. The cleaning system breaks down tough stains. Radiant Commercial Blend gives a brilliant clean result every time. The concentrated powder in Radiant Commercial Blend concentrate has been specially formulated to clean brilliantly in all temperatures. So you can be sure of a great clean, whether you choose a cold, warm, or hot wash.

Also, Radiant Commercial blend washing powder is Australian-made. It is suitable for the top & front load washing machine.

Now comes the important part, but don’t worry we have it cover for you. You don’t need to pay extra when you can get cheaper from us.

Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop + FFD & Cast Iron Trivets – 680mm – IGC70WOK – A 2 YEARS WARRANTY

A Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop combined with an FFD and Cast Iron Trivets. It’s around 680mm. model number IGC70WOK and guaranteed a 2-year warranty.

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